Wolthuis, Rosemary

Rosemary Wolthuis
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Algebra I
Algebra II
Jr. Teenworks Drama
Sr.Teenworks Drama
Jr. Teenworks Speech
Sr. Teenworks Speech

About Me:
Many years ago, my husband and I home-schooled our four children, and they have all attended college.  One of our sons served in the Navy and another is currently in the Air Force.  We also have eight grandchildren.  I was saved at age 23 while living in Texas, and I have tutored with Teenworks since its inception.  While I love teenagers and enjoy teaching math, I want them to understand that as we look around our world we can see many evidences of God’s creative orderliness.  The study of math is one way we can begin to appreciate His design in the earth and in the universe.  Math is more than adding figures, solving equations or proving theorems.  We can find the consistency of numbers in the design of a snowflake, the shape of a palm frond, or the curve of a wave in the ocean.  The beauty of a pinecone, the kernels of corn on the cob, the shape of a seashell, and the music we hear all point us toward our Creator.  Numbers, algebra, and geometry are all around us and the more we study the more we can understand our world and the more we can worship the God who created it all for us.  We are striving toward a strong foundation in math and its importance in our complex society, but we also can learn more of God and His world.