Cheating Policy

Teenworks wants every student to learn to be self-governed.  Therefore we are adopting a clear policy on cheating to set the boundaries so students can have a clear understanding of what this is.
Defined from the 1828 Dictionary:

  • Plagiarism – The act of purloining another man’s literary works, or introducing passages from another man’s writings and putting them off as one’s own; literary theft.
  • Cheating – Copying someone else’s work and turning it in as your own.

Questions that one might have:

Q:  Can I study with or help another student while at Teenworks?
A: Yes, but know the following:

  • Don’t copy another student’s answers.
  • Don’t do another student’s work

Q: Can students work together to accomplish an assignment?
A:  Students may work together but individual work should be accomplished.  Writing assignments should be the creative work of each individual.

Q: What is the punishment for cheating?
A:  Each student involved will receive a zero for that assignment and possible suspension/depending on the situation.